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Phone numbers are provisioned in real-time during text banks, often being rotated every few hundred messages or less. Numbers are chosen either at random, or based on the preferred area codes configured in Settings.

Area code coverage is not guaranteed in real-time and is based on availability of the carriers. If you'd like to ensure area code coverage for a text bank of over 250K messages, please contact support@impactive.io with the following information:
* which area codes you'll be needing for the event,
* when you'll need them provisioned by.

If you want to see which numbers are being provisioned and sent from, you can easily export your messages and have a look at the sender phone number columns.

The pool of numbers for your campaign remain the same such that recipients who reply can have sticky numbers to your campaign volunteers. This ensures your volunteers and recipients easily continue their conversation. While new numbers may be provisioned, old numbers will only be discarded if Impactive encounters errors successfully sending new messages using that number. This means you'll see your older numbers still being used in subsequent text banks.


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