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There are a number of metrics you can track to measure impact and success of your relational and peer-to-peer texting programs. 

To start, you can review the metrics on the homepage of your Admin view. Filter by time period at the upper right and find: 

  • Number of New Volunteers: Unique people who have downloaded Impactive and joined your campaign. 
  • Active Volunteers: Unique people who have been participating in any of the campaign's actions.
  • Returning Volunteers: Unique people who have completed unique actions. One volunteer who sends the same message to 20 people is counted as one action completed.
  • Actions Completed: Number of unique users completing unique actions between start and end date
  • Actions Performed: Times that all of the actions have been completed. One volunteer who sends the same thing to 10 people is counted 10 times.

More information on these metrics can be found in our Glossary of terms Help Center article.



Each subsequent page on the administrative view gives you additional reporting functionality. 

Users Tab: 

  • When you navigate to the Users tab, you will see a list of all users and admin on the platform. Scroll to the bottom, and you can click on "Export Users". The following are the fields you will receive in that report: 
    • Email, Phone, Name
    • Zip Code, City, State
    • Actions completed, performed, and reports filled
    • Number of contacts synced
    • Number of contacts matched to the Voter File
    • Number of contacts in district

Lists Tab:

  • When you navigate to the Lists tab, you will see a list of all contact lists and user lists. For more information on these two, read our Help Center Article Here. When you scroll to the bottom, click  on "Export to CSV". The following are the fields you will receive in that report: 
    • Email, Phone, Name
    • Contact Type and VAN ID (if exists)
    • Tags, and any specific tags that have been toggled for that individual
    • Custom Fields, including Support rating
    • Impactive User ID
  • This is a great way to export out tags and custom fields if you do not have your VAN integration set up. 

Actions Tab:

On the Actions tab, there is a wealth of data to check out! You can export "Actions", "Messages", or "User Details". We'll outline below the fields that you will gather in each of these reports.


Export Actions Fields: 

  • Title of Action, Description, and Type

  • Time published

  • Contact List Name (if peer-to-peer)

  • Number of times action was Sent, Seen,Started, Completed + Performed

Export Messages to CSV:

  • Activity Name and Type
  • Sender Name, Type, and Number
  • Receiver Name, Type, and Number
  • Time sent, Time received
  • VAN ID of Receiver and Sender
  • Script ID and Name

Export User Details to CSV:

  • User Name, Email, Phone
  • Leaderboard points
  • Recent actions completed, with details about the actions completed


Finally, Reports Tab: Screen_Shot_2020-04-14_at_5.20.00_PM.png

At the bottom of the reports tab, you can "Export Reports". Fields included in that report are below: 

  • User Name and Email
  • Contact Name, Email (if available), Phone #, and VAN ID
  • All associated tags with each contact 
  • All associated custom fields
  • The notes column 

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