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Peer to Peer Actions (for Admins)




Ready to set up and send out your first Peer to Peer texting action? Here's how to do it:


Campaign Texting Settings

Before creating your first peer-to-peer action, you'll want to make sure your campaign texting settings are configured properly. Here's how to do it:


  • Navigate to the “Settings” link in the admin sidebar and click on the “Texting” tab.
  • Select the start and end times that you'd like your volunteers to be able to use when texting. This prevents your volunteers from accidentally texting someone too early or too late. We encourage a 9am - 9pm texting window for voter contact. It is an FCC violation to text outside of those hours in local time.
  • Select the correct time zone for your campaign or organization.
  • Choose the number of texts you'd like a volunteer to be assigned to send at one time.
  • Choose your preferred local area codes for your assigned texting numbers. If a local number is available for use, your volunteers' texts will come from that number.
  • Select fallback values for the first names of both your senders (users) and your recipients (contacts). A fallback value is a replacement for a recipient {{first_name} or sender {{user.first_name}}, if no name is found. For example, you could set the message to say "Hi friend" if there isn't a known name of the person being texted.
  • Choose to toggle on or off Outbound Message Lock Protection. We highly recommend you keep this toggled on. This setting prevents contacts from accidentally being texted more than once in a 6 hour period
  • Choose to toggle on or off Disable Custom Responses. If you toggle this on, your volunteers will be prevented from writing any custom response to a contact, and will have to choose a response from the scripts that you've written.
  • Don't forget to click 'save settings' when you're done!



Creating an action

Got your campaign texting settings configured? Now it's time to get to the good stuff: setting up your first P2P action!

Navigate to your admin side panel, then click on Peer to Peer in the drop-down menu. Click on Create Action to begin.

Uploading a Contact List

Before you can set up your P2P action, you'll need to upload a contact list to text. To learn how to do that, click here to read all about contact management settings 

Basic Information

  • Upload a photo to accompany your action if you'd like. This is an internal visual that will display to volunteers sending texts.
  • Give your action a title and description so your volunteers have context on the purpose of the action, and so you can find it later.
  • Disclaimer: Adds a disclaimer to the bottom of the action page in the app, used in specific contest-type actions to mention rules or regulations
  • Choose a start button label that corresponds to your action. In this case, the recommended label is 'Start Texting'.
  • Choose the Folder you'd like to save your action inside of. This is highly recommended so that you can easily find your action later.
  • Choose your preferred area codes that you'd like your contacts to receive messages from.
  • Toggle on or off Keep Assignments. By default, contacts are randomly assigned to volunteers on a first come first serve basis to volunteers they start texting. If you enable this setting, volunteers are only assigned predetermined contacts. These assignments could be based on a previous text bank, or could be uploaded when importing your contact list CSV using either the assigned_user_id column or assigned_user_email column.


Scripts for Messaging

Scripts in Impactive are the messages that you send to your contact lists, volunteers, friends or family.

Make sure to read our overview on building initial and response scripts for any action, first, by clicking here. Then check out these additional script features only available for P2P:

  • You can choose to add an image directly to your initial message by clicking "add image to Script." Note that all images must be under 0.6mb. Note that additional fees may be included to send MMS (Multimedia Service) messages.
  • You can include a link in your initial message. Please note that some carriers increase filtering, resulting in poorer deliverability if you include a link in your initial message.

Recommended Initial Opt-Out Script Changes

Twilio has recently implemented new protocols that require any consumer who receives a peer-to-peer message to have a clear opt out option.

We highly recommend including opt-out language at the end of every initial outbound script such as 'text STOP to unsubscribe' in order to prevent filtering by carriers.

Auto-Tagging Responses

As any digital organizer knows: if your data isn't recorded it doesn't exist. Impactive has auto-tagging functionality built into response scripts, so that your volunteers don't have to manually file a report after every response message they send. Here's how to set it up:

  • Click on Add another response script. Write out the name and content of the response script you'd like a volunteer to be able to send. For example, for an affirmative response to an initial text recruiting for an event, you might write: "Attending: Yes" as the Script Name and "Great - so glad you can attend! The event starts at at 7:30pm on Saturday." as the Script Message.
  • Now it's time to include a tag or custom field that will automatically be applied when your volunteer send this response.
  • Click the Advanced Options drop-down menu inside the Response Script.
  • Check either tag and/or custom field, depending on which you'd like to use.
  • Then select the tag you'd like to be automatically updated, or select the custom field and custom field value you'd like to be applied.
  • Once you've applied these settings, your contact will automatically have a tag or custom field value applied to them each time the corresponding response is sent. This will save you and your volunteers a ton of time - no need to fill out manual reports!


Report Settings

In addition to auto-tagging, you can set up a report for volunteers to manually file during a conversation with a contact. Add any tags or custom fields you'd like your volunteers to see.

Publishing Your Action

When you've got everything in your action ready to go, you can choose to publish your action. This means you're making it available for volunteers in your campaign's public dashboard.

  • You can choose to publish your action at a certain date and time. NOTE: Once you've scheduled an action to be published at a certain time in the future, you can edit that time as long as it hasn’t gone live yet.
  • You can choose to limit publishing to specific districts. This means that only volunteers in a chosen geographical area will be able to send texts.
  • You can choose to limit publishing to specific language: English or Spanish. With this feature, you have the option to make the action only available to volunteers who speak a certain language. This comes in handy when, for example, you want only your Spanish-language volunteers to be sending and replying to text messages.
  • Once all your settings are in order, take one final minute to review all your basic information,scripts, tags and custom fields, and final settings. Good to go? Click 'save as draft'!



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