How does Impactive use my data?

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Impactive uses publicly-available voter files to match your phone’s contacts with registered voters. If we can’t match one of your contacts, it may be due to how they’re entered in your phone (for example, your grandmother is not listed in the voter file under "Grandma" - even though that may be her contact name in your phone!), or it may be because they have a common name.

Impactive's contact sync feature is a tool to further your outreach as a volunteer. Impactive does not share or sell personal contact information, or use it for any other purpose than what is strictly necessary to allow you to conduct outreach to your contacts. 

Administrators for the campaign you're volunteering for can only access your contacts' information if you conduct outreach to that contact, and/or if you fill a report on that contact. 

Your contacts' information can be de-synced from our servers at any time via Settings > Delete Contacts.

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