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Friend to Friend Walkthrough



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In order to have your reports sync back to NGP VAN, you'll need to have your contacts matched to the voter file.

  1. Go to your Profile (designated by the person icon in the bottom bar) and click on the three lines in the top hand corner and click on Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom.
  3. If you have no contacts, press the Sync Contacts button to automatically sync your contacts to the voter file. NOTE: There will still be unmatched contacts after this step.
  4. Click on "try offline canvassing," click on the + Report and enter their first and last name, state, and any additional details you may need to find them in the voter file.
  5. Now you can locate and match the correct result from the list of possible voter file matches.
  6. Click "Save This Match" to save the information.
  7. Finally, if you notice a bad match, you can click the "Bad Match" button to make a correction to the voter file match in the same way.

Creating a report

Once you've contacted a friend or voter, you'll be able to file out a followup outreach report on how that conversation went.

Head to your Inbox and click on the message thread that you'd like to report back on. Next, click on the reports Icon and fill out any tags or custom fields that the campaign has added to their custom report, which will often include a notes field for open-ended answers.

You can also fill out a report for a contact that isn't matched to the voter file. They won't sync back to NGP VAN, but they'll still be visible in Impactive and can always be matched later!



Alternatively you can add reports on anyone directly from your inbox. In the top right hand corner of your Inbox click on "Add Report." From there you will select who the report is for - someone new who you want to look up the voting record for, someone new who you don't want to look up the voting record for, or for a friend or contact. If you select to fill out a report on a friend or contact you will be directed to select them from your sync contacts and won't need to enter any additional contact information on them.

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