Open Canvassing: How to Add A Report

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With Impactive’s “Add A Report” feature you can meet voters, volunteer prospects, and campaign contacts anywhere and report back to the campaign.

The Add A Report feature includes:

  • Searching the national voter file in real-time
  • Recording tags, surveys, support ratings, and notes 
  • Viewing metadata about the voter
  • Syncing everything back to NGP VAN/PDI

The “Add A Report” feature allows for your users to fill out reports at any time from right within the app. They can search the national voter file to record conversation in the field and fill out canvass reports from interactions they've had with their personal contacts. This is an ongoing action that reflects how many users have filled out reports using this feature.




Admin Set-Up

Canvassing reports are completely customizable, so admins can even control which fields they would like to be made available for supporters to fill out. In addition, admins can create custom tags and survey questions, or pull them in directly from NGP VAN/PDI.


How to Customize Report Fields

To customize the fields available to users when filling out a report via the +Report Button in the Impactive Inbox, navigate to Actions > Canvassing > Open Canvassing > Added Reports.



Under Report Settings, you can choose the tags and custom fields you want to be included within the report. These can be updated at any time to best reflect the data your team wants to collect. 

  • Note: Updating these report settings only customizes the +Add Report feature in the Inbox and will not change or update reports connected to actions.

Scripts for Messaging

To create pre-drafted follow-up scripts that users can send to contacts after adding a report via the +Report Button in the Impactive Inbox, navigate to Actions > Canvassing > Open Canvassing > Added Reports.



Under Scripts for Messaging, you can create a variety of scripts you would like users to be able to send in their outreach. These can be updated at any time to best reflect the types of conversations you want your team to engage with. 




Updating these scripts only allows users to access them after utilizing the +AddReport button in the Impactive Inbox. Here’s a breakdown of how it works on the user side: they will file a report, return to their Impactive Inbox to see the name of the contact they submitted a report on, then by opening the conversation the “follow-up” button will be enabled allowing them to send a pre-drafted reply on behalf of the campaign. 




View the Results

To view the results from the Added Reports action, navigate to the action and select ‘View Results’




Here is a breakdown of the metrics shown under the header ‘Overview’:

  • Sent to: Number of volunteers the action was sent to
  • Seen: Number of volunteers that have seen the action
  • Started: Number of volunteers that have started the action
  • Completed: Number of unique volunteers that have completed the action
  • Performs: Number of times that the action has been completed
  • Reports: How many reports were filed

Under the header ‘Additional Metrics’ you will find the following:

  • Personal Contact Reports: the number of reports filled out for user contacts
  • Contact Numbers Provided: the total number of contact phone numbers provided
  • Campaign Contact Reports: the number of reports filled out for campaign contacts
  • Initial Messages: Total number of outbound messages sent using initial scripts
  • Follow Up Messages: the total number of outbound messages sent not using initial scripts. These could be using response scripts or open responses.


Within the Users section, you can see which users have filled reports on behalf of your campaign through the ‘+Report’ button in their Impactive inbox.



How to ‘Add A Report’ on Someone

  1. On the Mobile app, navigate to the Impactive Inbox, and select the campaign profile you want to file the report for. 

  2. Click on +Report

  3. Select who the report is for from the following options:
    • For someone new (lookup voting record) - If you choose to add a report for someone new, you will be redirected to a page to match them to the voter file.
    • For someone new (skip lookup) - You will be able to add a new contact from scratch and will simultaneously be able to fill out a report for the campaign.
    • For a friend or contact - If you choose to add someone for a friend or contact you will be redirected to your synced contact list. If you choose to add a report on a contact, their voter file information will automatically be applied (if they've been properly matched to the voter file).

  4. Select the correct person from a list of matches (if applicable).

    More often than not, especially if the person you are searching for has a common name, you will have to look through the list of matches and select the correct person that you are attempting to match to the voter file. (For this example, there is only one Ava DuVernay that lives in California).

    Once you select the correct person from the voter file, you may be able to see some data on their voting history - including where they are registered to vote, and how frequently they vote.

  5. Finally, you can fill out a report for the campaign or organization you are volunteering for. Select all tags and custom fields that apply to your interaction with the contact. For example, support ratings or whether they are a volunteer prospect. After you fill out a report for them, they will appear as a contact in your Impactive Inbox and you will be able to send follow-up messages if the campaign has created scripts for the Add A Report action.

  6. Earn Points! You will receive points for every report you complete! To learn more about our points system check out our support article, Teams (for Admins).

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