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We’ve sped up the process of knocking on doors, missing voters who aren’t home, writing down information on the select few who are, and transferring those paper records back into a slow system that takes time to sift through on the other end.

With our Open Canvassing feature, all you need to do is search for a constituent, confirm their registration, select their support of a candidate or cause, and fill out any custom tags or notes.

All confirmed voters will be synced back to a campaign’s dashboard, where they can then make sure they aren’t texting six John Smith’s from the wrong district.


Use Cases:

Trying to engage your volunteers in a quick evening activity? Send them a mass push notification, or direct message within Impactive, and ask them to take 15-minutes to help open canvass.

Send each volunteer a list of names to cross-reference, and if a voter does not show up in the file, congratulate your volunteer for finding someone new!

Use the list of voters you and your team have identified to cut lists of your biggest supporters, and send those enthusiasts check-in texts or thank you texts every once in a while.


Where does the Open Canvassing data sync?

The Open Canvassing data can be exported from Impactive directly under the Reports tab. The data will not sync to VAN unless Impactive is able to find a VAN ID for that person.

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