Street Canvassing

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Meet voters anywhere and report back to the campaign. With Impactive, volunteers can canvass voters from anywhere without a walk list! Street canvassing features include:

  • Searching the national voter file in real-time

  • Recording tags, surveys, support ratings, and notes 

  • Viewing metadata about the voter

  • Syncing everything back to NGP VAN/PDI

Campaign admins can choose to provide access to these tools to their entire team of staff and supporters, or they can set permissions on a user-level to restrict access to just a few supporters. Canvassing reports are completely customizable, so admins can even control which fields they would like to be made available for supporters to fill out. In addition, admins can create custom tags and survey questions or pull them in, directly from NGP VAN/PDI.

Pro Tips:

  • Send your campaign link out to your email or SMS list.
  • Post your link on your campaign social media and website to help spread the word!
  • Upload a 30 Second Onboarding video to guide volunteers through the experience on Impactive.

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