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Friend to Friend Messaging



You can amplify the impact of each volunteer by tapping into their network of friends and family by encouraging friend-to-friend texting. With Impactive, users can easily match their phone contacts to the national voter file and check if their friends are, registered to vote, affiliated with a party, live in a candidate's district and even if they've missed an election in the past.

Every campaign gets its own link they can distribute to their supporters. After clicking the link, supporters will be sent to their Impactive campaign where they’ll see a list of ways they can help the campaign. With a single click, your supporters can find who they know in your district or nearby and send them a reminder to vote and an invite to join your campaign and help. These messages come from their own phone number so the response rate is extremely high.


Pro Tips:

Send your campaign link out to your email or SMS list

Post your link on your campaign's social channels and website so anyone can join!

Remember, people are sending these messages to their friends so make sure the scripts are casual.

As a staffer, you can easily send a direct message or push notification to ALL your Impactive volunteers at any time right from the app!


We would like to note that sometimes phone contacts will not match to the voter file, and a couple reasons could be:

  • The voter's name in your contact list doesn't match their legal name in the voter file, such as:
    • Mom
    • Jess Jones instead of Jessica Jones
  • The voter is registered in two states because of a recent move and has not voted in their new home yet.

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