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What is Impactive, and How Does it Work?



Impactive works with campaigns, advocacy organizations, and nonprofits to provide a curated list of high impact calls-to-action anyone can take to make a difference.

When an action is ready to be completed, the campaigns you have joined can send you a push notification with instructions to share a piece of content directly on social media, message your friends, text voters, call voters, canvass constituents, sign up for a volunteer shifts, make a donation, provide a testimonial to a campaign, and lend your voice to make high-impact change.

Impactive clients have access to an administrative dashboard, where they publish actions for their supporters to take. These are highly customizable, can be drafted or scheduled in advance, and measured for growth and analysis.


Can anyone download Impactive?

Impactive is free to use and available on iOS and Android for anyone located in the United States. However, campaigns can manage if certain actions are meant to be kept private or invite-only. This gives our campaigns maximum flexibility to mobilize internal staff or select organizers.


Questions? Reach out to our team anytime at support@impactive.io for customer support and more.


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