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Table of Contents:

  1. Opt-ins Overview
  2. How it Works
  3. Creating Opt-Ins
  4. Automated Messages
  5. Saving, previewing and activating your opt-in form
  6. Sharing Opt-Ins
  7. Opt-in Contact Experience
  8. Accessing The Opt-In List
  9. Measuring Performance

Opt-ins Overview:

Impactive’s Opt-In features allows campaigns to acquire opt-ins through a webform or custom text keyword so that campaigns can send broadcast messages to their supporters, as well as drive them to other calls to action such as newsletter subscriptions, event RSVPs, or volunteer signups.

If you are interested in opt-in forms, please contact to learn more.

If opt-ins are enabled on your Impactive plan, you can find the feature on the Impactive sidebar by clicking Broadcast > “Opt-ins”.



How it works

The opt-in functionality comes in two different modalities: a webform and a text keyword.

The opt-in webform is accessible through a link on web and mobile. Embed the opt-in webform link on your website, use the link in an email, share through social media, or use Impactive’s “Open a Webpage” action to share your opt-in form to volunteers.

Alternatively, the custom text keyword allows supporters to text a keyword like “JOIN” to your Impactive broadcast phone number in order to opt-in. Include the text keyword in your in person organizing efforts by printing the keyword and number in your marketing materials and instructing staff to share the keyword at live events or trainings.

Creating Opt-ins

To create an opt-in form, navigate to the Broadcast tab, then click “Create Opt-in”. This will take you to the new opt-in setup page.


Every opt-in form will include a list of required and optional fields. Fill out the fields based on your opt-in needs. The following list describes the functionality of each field:

  • Opt-In Name (required): name of your opt-in form in the admin.
  • Keyword (required): The keyword your contacts will text to join this opt-in.
  • Choose Broadcast Responder LIst for follow-up responses (optional): by default, the creator of the opt-in form will receive any text message replies to the opt-in form. If you would like to delegate this responsibility, choose a User List to reassign response handling to specific users and ensure that those on the list have broadcast permissions enabled.

Next, you’ll want to customize the settings for your opt-in form to update the look and feel of your page.

Media upload (optional): Upload an image in the content box so that contacts see an image in the webform page.

Form title (required): This will be the heading on the form.

Button color: By default, the button color is black, but it can be updated here.

Button text (required): This will customize the text in the opt-in button.


Automated Messages

A critical part in setting up your opt-in form is configuring your automated messages under “Scripts for Messaging”. These automated messages allow campaigns to reply back to the contact as they complete different steps in the opt-in process.


Automated Initial Response

The automated initial message is sent to the phone number of a contact immediately after they have completed the opt-in webform using mobile or desktop devices.


Configure this message under “Scripts for Messaging” and include any helpful information you’d like to display after opting-in.


*Note: There is an additional script called “Response”. This is not an automated response script. Instead, it's a script template with canned messages that volunteers can use to reply to responses from contacts. You can have multiple response message scripts for the sender to choose from.


Saving, previewing and activating your opt-in form

Once all required fields and scripts are configured, you can save your opt-in form by clicking “Save”.

Next, you can preview your opt-in form by clicking on the “Preview” button in your form’s settings. This button opens up a preview that will show you how the opt-in form page will look like to visitors.


When you feel comfortable with how your opt-in form looks, you can activate the form by clicking on “Activate” at the top of the page. Activating the opt-in form publishes your opt-in form live on the internet and generates the opt-in form page links.


Sharing Opt-Ins

You’ve now created your first opt-in form! Start sharing your opt-in form with your supporters by circulating the opt-in form link, or the text keyword and your Impactive broadcast phone number.


Opt-In Form Link

To share your opt-in form with supporters on your website, social media, or through email, use the opt-in form link. Find this link by navigating to the Opt-Ins page and copying the link under “Opt-in Form”. Visitors to the link will land on your opt-in form page.



Pro-tip: Use a Link Dynamic Variable instead of the Contact Shareable Link when sharing your opt-in form in Impactive actions and scripts. This variable will automatically display the opt-in form link.


Opt-In Keyword

Want supporters to opt-in through text message? Have them use your keyword! Simply instruct supporters to text the opt-in form keyword to your Impactive broadcast number.

To find the opt-in keyword, navigate to the Opt-Ins page and copy the keyword by clicking on the “copy” icon. 

To reveal your Impactive campaign phone number hover over the ❐. You’ll see your phone number inside a string that looks like "text JOIN to +18447250170".


Opt-in Contact Experience

Each opt-in will provide the contact with a unique opt-in experience. It’s useful to know in advance what your contacts should expect to see when they try to opt-in. The information below will detail their experience.

Text Keyword

If a contact sends a text keyword to the opt-in phone number, the contact’s phone number is recorded by Impactive and they are effectively opted-in. The contact also receives the “Automated Initial Response” text message from the campaign.

Webform (Desktop)

If a contact opens the opt-in link on a desktop device, they’ll experience the following:

  1. Contact will land on an opt-in form and see the opt-in button.
    1. Note: Opt-in forms automatically include a disclaimer with mandatory language informing contacts that they are subscribing to occasional text messages from your organization.
  2. If the button is clicked, Impactive will solicit a phone number.
  3. When contact adds a phone number, they will receive a text message requesting the contact to reply YES to opt-in.
    1. On phone: If contact replies YES, they will be opted-in and receive the “Automated Initial Response” script.
    2. On phone: If contact doesn’t reply, the contact is not opted-in.
  4. Then the contact will be taken to an Impactive page requesting they share on social media.

Webform (Mobile)

If a contact opens the opt-in link on a mobile device, they’ll experience the following:

  1. Contact will land on opt-in form with opt-in button.
    1. Note: Opt-in forms automatically include a disclaimer with mandatory language informing contacts that they are subscribing to occasional text messages from your organization.
  2. If button is clicked, Impactive will open the contact’s native messaging app.
  3. The messaging app will prefill an opt-in text message. 
    1. If the contact sends the text message, they are opted-in, and will receive the “Automated Initial Response” script.
    2. If the contact doesn’t send the text message, they are not opted-in.
  4. Last, the contact will be asked to share the opt-in on social media.

Accessing The Opt-In List

Once your opt-in action is out in the wild, you can access the list of contacts and users who have opted-into your action by navigating to Contacts > Lists > Filter by List Tpe (Optins Only) > "[List Name]". You can export or use the list in an action as needed.


Measuring Performance

Need to analyze the performance of a particular opt-in? Visit your opt-ins summary page. This page will include metrics on the performance of the opt-in action.


Metrics included:

  • Impressions: Visits/Views to your opt-in form page URLs.
  • Clicks: Visits/Views + Engagement (Click Action)to your opt-in form page URLs..
  • Opt-ins: Total number of text keyword opt-ins and form opt-ins.
  • Opt-outs: Number of users who have unsubscribed from the list.

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