Broadcast Texting Lesson 4: Tracking Performance and Exporting Reports

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To track your performance: 

  1. In the Broadcast Texting page, find the message you want to view results on within the table of broadcast messages. Here, you can see a quick overview of performance with metrics on Messages Sent, Opt-Outs, Responses, and so on. 
  2. You can view results in two ways: 
    1. From the main table on the Broadcast Texting page, select the graph icon in the Results column.
    2. Click on the broadcast message name, and select View Results.
  3. Within the results page of your broadcast message, you can measure your success with Overview and Message Performance metrics.
  4. Take a deeper dive into message engagement by viewing Engagement Stats by Users (aka recipients) or Receivers (aka your assigned team of response handlers) 
  5. For more details on recipient engagement, select the dropdown filter at the top of the user table and filter by specific filters.

To export your results:

  1. On the Broadcast Texting page, select Export Contacts or Export Messages at the bottom of the page.
    1. Export Contacts allows you to download a list of contacts that you sent your broadcast messages to. 
    2. Export Messages allows you to download a list of messages that you sent to your contacts, including any follow-up responses and exchanges for each contact.
  2. Select the Data Tab and “Exports” from the dropdown menu. Go to this article for guidance on exporting custom reports.

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