Setting up Automated Texting (Automated Keyword Opt-In Flows) for Broadcast Texting

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Start engaging with new subscribers from the moment they join a broadcast list by setting up automatic response messages for your opt-in forms and keywords. Subscribers can receive welcome texts, event information, or fundraising links immediately, boosting the chance that they’ll take action. 

For example, if a new contact texts a keyword like JOIN to your broadcast number, they’ll receive an immediate, automated follow-up message sharing your preferred content. You can even set up more advanced branched response flows to have a longer (but still automated) back-and-forth with a new contact; more on that here.

To set up your first automated keyword opt-in flow, first ensure that your campaign’s broadcast registration and settings are properly configured. Once that’s settled, take the following steps: 

  1. Click Broadcast > Automated Texting in the admin dashboard. 
  2. Click + New Automated Text. 
  3. Set a title for your automated keyword opt-in flow. This is an internal name for you and your team’s reference; contacts will not see it. 
  4. Optionally, designate a list of responders to receive replies and converse with contacts who follow up. These could be trusted staff members or volunteers assigned to interact with new contacts. (If you don't designate specific responders, responses will be sent to all of your admins who have the "broadcast responder" permission on.) 
  5. Optionally, place this automated opt-in flow inside a folder
  6. Designate your opt-in keyword for this flow. This can be any combination of letters or numbers that you’d like, but we recommend using a simple word that contacts can easily remember and type, like JOIN, RSVP, WELCOME, or similar. (Of course, you can set up flows for a variety of purposes - you may want to use a keyword that more closely aligns with a certain event or initiative like CLEANUP or RALLY.) Whatever you choose, just make sure that your keyword is unique within your campaign, i.e. you don’t use a keyword that you’ve already set up a separate automated flow for. 
  7. Now, draft the message that contacts will receive after they send in this keyword. You can also add media (graphics, etc.) and/or dynamic variables. You might want to write a message that welcomes your contact to your subscriber list, or that shares more information about a certain event or initiative - whatever content aligns with how you’ll promote this keyword.
  8. Optionally, you can add a branched response flow to make your opt-in interaction even more sophisticated; more on that here
  9. When you’re finished setting up the automated keyword opt-in flow, click Save Changes. Now, as you view the table of all of your automated keyword opt-in flows, click the details menu (∙∙∙)  at the far right of the row for the automated flow you just set up, then click Activate. 
  10. Wait for your flow to be listed as Active; once it is, contacts are ready to begin sending your designated keyword to your broadcast number*. They’ll receive the automated content you just set up when they do. 

Once you’ve set up your keyword opt-in flow, it’s time to promote it! Use language like “Text JOIN to (xxx) xxx-xxxx to join our subscriber list.” You can include this information in emails, on flyers, on social media - anywhere you communicate with your audience. 

Once contacts have texted this keyword, they’ve officially opted-in to your broadcast texting list, growing your audience that will receive your future broadcast messages. 


* To find your broadcast number, visit Campaign > Settings > Broadcast (top tab) in the admin dashboard.

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