Broadcast Texting Lesson 2: Drafting a Broadcast Text

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Now that you've uploaded contacts, you're ready to send a broadcast text! Here's how to write and send your first broadcast: 

  1. Head to Broadcast > Broadcast Texting > New Broadcast. 
  2. Name your message - this is an internal name, seen only by you and your fellow admins. Name your message something that will help you remember what it was for. 
  3. Choose List Type: Broadcast & Opt-In List
  4. Select your Target List; for now, this may be the list that you just uploaded in Lesson 1, but you can also use lists that you uploaded a long time ago and send to frequently.
  5. Write your message in SMS Content. Ensure your message follows 10DLC guidelines to reduce the chance that your text will get marked as spam by carriers. For more information on 10DLC guidelines, read our Help Center article here
  6. From here, you have three options for sending your broadcast message.
    1. If you’re ready for your message to go out immediately, select Send Now.
    2. If you want your message to be sent in the future, pick a time under Send Time and select Schedule.
    3. If you want to customize your message further with images, automated responses, and more, select Save Draft.

That's it - your first broadcast text! Broadcast Texting is really that simple, but for more information on customizing your messages with variables, images, and more, move on to Lesson 3: Customizing Your Broadcast. 




Key Terms: 

  • List: A list of your contacts. You can have as many lists as you'd like; lists are a good way to segment your contacts in the ways that matter to you, such as voters from specific states, types of stakeholders, etc. 
  • 10DLC: This refers to regulations enforced by mobile carriers (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) that require organizations to register to send broadcast messages. For more information on 10DLC, read our article here.


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